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Landscape Design 

At Kamelia we offer complete landscape design packages from concept through to tender documentation. We follow a standard process for landscape design. Our services include:


- Initial meeting to understand your requirements, any preferences with style, or particular planting colours and textures. We also like to understand in more detail how you wish to utilise your garden. We then create a brief. We will also explain our methodology and the entire design process with you.

- We will then create a fee proposal based on your requirements with each design stage clearly explained, along with deliverables at each stage and time scales for each deliverable.

- Site Survey and site analysis, this is where we assess the existing site and surrounding areas, gain correct technical information from the site and/or main contractor before we begin the concept design process.

- Concept Design – this is where we develop a landscape plan based on your requirements along with 3D renders, and mood boards depicting potential material selection, planting palette, lighting look and feel, garden accessories and furniture. This presentation is for discussion to refine the design further, by keeping and taking out elements you may or may not want, to reach a final landscape masterplan.

- Detailed Design – Once the final masterplan is approved, we then develop the design further providing details of hard and soft landscape plans, levels, sections and elevations, material plans, lighting layouts, irrigation plans, pool and water feature details, garden structure details such as pergolas or outdoor kitchen areas.

- Construction Documentation – this is where we provide landscape specifications and tender documents, such as a Bill of Quantities that we can then share with potential contractors to provide quotations.

- Tender Support and Analysis – Here we support you through the submission of documents to your contractor and/or to our preferred contractors. We will submit our landscape design package and meet with each contractor to go through the design to ensure a complete quotation is provided to you. We will then give a recommendation.


Site Supervision & Administration 

The contract will be awarded by the client directly however during this stage, we ensure that the work carried out by the landscape contractor is in line with design requirements and to the desired satisfaction of the Client. This is achieved through supervision of landscape construction activities.  We will inform the Client of any issues where we feel the work carried out by the landscape contractor is not to the required standard and make any necessary recommendations and reports.  However, the contractor is entirely responsible for their performance on site. All electrical works and supervision is not included.


Our services will include:


    • Coordination with all contractors

    • A weekly meeting with client representative/client and consultants

    • Monitor site progress against submitted programs

    • Responding to Contractor’s technical queries or onsite issues

    • Review and Approval of Shop Drawing, Specifications and Material Submittals

    • Verification of contractor(s) payment claims

    • Site Coordination Meetings

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